Spagettibrain is an artist in dark psytrance from Thessaloniki Greece.

He is working on cubase since 2004 and the first live set in psyculture festival 2011 just started the engine. His first release became in V/A BON ODORI by lonely planet rec  and his first EP - FAKE FUTURE on 17 Dec 2011 by lonely planet rec. He played his music in many events with great artists like Orestis, Zik, Kaos, Dark Elf, Mind Oscillation,Stranger,Cosmo,Antagon and many more. In the beginning of 2013 had a release with ZIK. The EP SPAGETTI ON ZIK-EATING ALGORITHMS. A tour by ZIK-WORLD followed with ZIK,Mind Oscillation and Paul Karma in Amsterdam,Hamburg,Berlin and last stop in Stuttgart. Love for the music. Available for parties and festivals. Lets make people dance.