Discovalley Records is back once more with the second chapter of 'The World We Live In 2', after the success encountered with the initial volume. The series are carefully compiled and selected by DJ Teo and the main concept is to express all contrasts of the world we live in, each day and night, each month, each season, always through psychedelic music and experiences, on Earth and not only. Discovalley is considered one of the pioneers of the genre and is celebrating 10 years of presence into the dark trance underground scene. It all started back then with 'Nocturn', the first cd of the label. It was of blue color, some will remember. For this decade of longevity, the 13th compilation of DVR has the same color. Tune in!

Mastered by Dark Elf
Graphics by Jimacido
Compiled by DJ Teo

released December 1, 2013

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