Atomental is the night psychedelic sound project of Jean a Swiss Hu Man.

Known today for its varied and creative electroniclive-act performance. You can expect a large passioned for synthesizing sounds weird and all kinds abyssal.its authentic style and music reveals a deep forest kind and well organic. Next Level sounds of Mother Earth in its purest and most authentic form.

Sacred geometries are gived the secret of magic frequencies . The cymatic, Chladni table experiences open lastely some mystery reality. DarkPsychedelic producer since 2006 and passionate of synthesis and creations .. I work my music on a magic side with this special frequencies for give you freaks the best bioeffect from the music. Twisted forest psychedelic, deep and mystical emotion, shamanics audio tales ... welcome on the world like HU-man invited by Atomental ... BooOOoom !!